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Semi professional photographer, located in Orono, ME, which is a great location for landscapes, not so much for street photography. Most street work is from New York and Berlin.

Professionally (i.e. paid) I shoot Nikon and mainly do portrait work and a few weddings.

Privately (i.e. unpaid) I shoot Nikon, Leica and medium format film, mostly street, documentary and some landscapes.

I donate my services to charity, if you are interested, send me a note.

I can be reached at contact – a t – benjaminmoritz.com

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  1. Okay, so where is a nice black & white photo of yourself, Herr Doktor? I want to know where you’re from, what your day gig is –at least that you’re a physician? –and your fascination with photography. You’re awfully sparing about your bio! You could mention your connection with various cultures, including Persian, etc.
    People want to know!

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