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Jun 282012
Jun 192012

I will be in New York this coming weekend. From 9-12 on Friday and Saturday, I will hit the streets – and you ‘ll tell me what to shoot. Comment on this post, or on Facebook, with your ideas – almost anything goes (I generally don’t shoot the homeless and mentally ill), e.g. “man smoking”, “big dog”, but within reason (“monkey eating icecream” will likely yield nothing). Street photography is about people photography, but if there is a part of New York you always wanted to see, let me know as well. Make sure you like my Facebook PAGE (, so you’ll get live updates.

Images will be posted here and on facebook. Make sure you’ll subscribe!


May 282012

Downtown Bangor, ME, today. The whole town was out honoring those who died serving their country (Shot with the Leica M9 and 50mm Summilux)


May 182012

Got down to NYC for the day to shoot some more street. I took along mt M9, 50 ‘Lux and Cosina-Voigtländer (CV) 35mm f1.2, and picked up my “birthday present” a CV 21 mm f4 (though the viewfinder was not available). It was a sunny day and in NYC, the avenues have bright light most of the day, which makes for harsh contrast, I am impressed with the relatively (as far as M mount lenses go) cheap 21 mm. There is some flare when shot into the sun but it not too bad but sharpness is good. I used to have the screw mount version a while, using it on my M8 (as a 28mm equivalent), which gave some weird darkening in the center of the image in bright light. I sold that years ago. I hear the  M mount version is optically similar except fore the mount. It is also black and fits nicely with my M9.

Also check out Otto Schulze for some more NYC street work.