Workshops and Tutoring


Intimidated by the all the functions of your new camera? Don’t have time to schedule a portrait session? Want to capture the best images of your kids playing sports? Planning a vacation and yearn for more than the usual snapshot? Consider to invest into one or more hours of tutoring – private or in groups, individualize your lesson or  choose the basic package. All lessons are hands on, using your camera at your house (within a 20 miles radius of Bangor) or – weather permitting – outside.


Lessons are 1 hour each.  You cannot learn everything about each topic in 1 hour – these are  introductory lessons, but I will provide you with guidance how to pursue more knowledge, and further tutoring can be arranged on an individual basis.


Learning the Basics


1. “Buttonology” – Camera modes and function

2.  Exposure – learn how to use your meter,  aperture, shutter speed and ISO effectively

3. Composition and Light Basics

4. How to Photography What – choose the right setting for the right subject

5. File Management and Editing for Beginners


Advanced Photography


1. Flash Photography

2. Portraits

3. Landscape/Nature

4. Sports/Wildlife

5. “Photoshopping” – improving your images (Adobe Photoshop recommended but not required)


Introduction to Professional Photography

This includes the use of  professional camera, equipment  and software


Macro Photography


Advanced Lighting – using strobes, backgrounds, umbrellas, soft boxes etc.

Product and Stock Photography

Street Photography

Time Lapse Photography

Archival Prints




Private Lessons: Basic and Advanced Topics $50/hr, Professional Topics $100/hr

Group Tutoring:  Basic and Advanced Topics $30/hr per person, Professional Topics $75/hr per person

5 hr Workshop (Basic or Advanced) $225 private, $125/person in groups